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Wetware for Operatives Empty Wetware for Operatives

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Wetware for Operatives BcC1QOb

For many years, the abuse of hard drugs and pharmaceutical products in the Known Universe was extensive. For years, companies had attempted to produce enhancement drugs which, although they caused extreme side effects, could be controlled and put to efficient use to be cost effective. In the World of Progress as we know it today, the drug problem remains but SLA Industries was the first company that actively used drugs in a productive manner.

Nowadays, many operatives and employees make use of the wide variety of drugs that have emerged in SLA Industries -the Frothers being the most obvious of these. Most of these drugs are mass produced, and are freely available to all within the company. The drugs available have been divided into three groups; combat, soft and medical.

The combat drugs are the most addictive of all pharmaceuticals- not so much chemically, but due to their effects. The Soul Institute of Pharmacology decided to have their products retain their addictive quality, as this caused both employees and operatives to maintain a steady purchase of their chosen drug type.

Soft drugs were first manufactured when operatives and employees required an alleviation from the constant use of combat drugs. These are now as readily available as combat drugs and many employees and operatives use them after a strenuous mission. Soft drugs tend not to be so addictive as combat drugs but the effects sometimes create a need if taken regularly.

The medical drugs used in SLA Industries are mostly of civilian use throughout the World of Progress. A list of all medical drugs found in the basic medi-kit and surgical medi-kit can be found at the end of this section. Most medical drugs are generally not addictive but if taken too often can prove detrimental to an employees health.

Combat Drugs:
Wetware for Operatives DnrduNM

The newest combat drug doing the rounds in the Contract Killer Circuit. Specifically tailored for close combat-specialists as it increases the adrenal production ten-fold and stimulates the muscle-tissue for that extra snap in your attacks. Not in wide circulation, though it is theoretically available in small amounts at key marketplaces at Mort Central.
(Effects: +2 PEN for close combat attacks, +1 Strength, Automatic success on Willpower-tests, 1h duration. Addiction: Difficulty 8/2 Doses. 4 Doses every 24 hours. Detox: -1 Strenght, -1 Dexterity, -1 Stamina, -1 Health permanently.)

This is a highly advanced stimulant that affects the users physical potential. The chemical make-up of the drug affects the muscle bundles, allowing the user to push their strength to the limit by sending accelerated signals to the muscles. This in turn forces the muscles to work with much more speed than is normally possible, imparting increased physical prowess to the user for a short period.
(Effects: +1 Strength, 1h duration. Addiction: Difficulty 8/17 Doses. 2 Doses every 24 hours. Detox: Permanent -1 Strength and -1 Dexterity.)

Blaze UV:
The complete integration of combat drugs into Operative society has lead to an alarming rise in the rate of serious drug addiction cases handled by the Department of Pharmacology each year. The introduction of "quick burn" drug types is hoped to help with the problem. Blaze UV is the first of many to hit the market. It still contains all the desired effects of Ultra Violence, but the effects do not last as long. This was accomplished by introducing powerful adrenaline stimulants into the drug, acting like a natural version of Flush -unlike UV itself, where the drug remained in the blood stream for hours, facilitating addiction.
(Effects: +2 dice when splitting dice pools, no negatives from injuries, soak -1 difficulty, 10min duration. Addiction: Difficulty 8/20 Doses. 10 Doses every 24 hours. Detox: None, Note though: -2 Strength the moment the 10min duration is over. Effect lasts for three hours unless another dose is taken.)

Blind Side:
Blind Side is a brand new release from SLA Industries, hitting outlets late in 912sd. The drug forces a degree of ‘tunnel’ vision and a significant kick of synthesised adrenalin to give the user a noticeable boost in apparent speed and reaction time. Blind Side’s ability to force extreme concentration and combat reflexes has made it an instant hit with both snipers and close assault combatants, allowing them to act much faster than those around them, even those under the influence of other high end combat drugs, such as Ultra Violence. Due to the drug being relatively new, the experimental compound is still fairly unstable, making it more addictive than many other combat drugs and presenting a number of undesirable side effects including extreme headaches and paranoia in those who do not keep up the dosage. Despite the apparent negatives, Blind Side is set to become one of SLA’s biggest sellers over the coming year.
(Effects: +1 Dexterity, +1 Wits, +2 Alertness, 30min duration. Addiction: Difficulty 8/2 Doses. Dose every 12 hours. Detox: -2 Wits, -1 Health, Paranoia.)

Pineal Stim:
The Dark Lament research laboratories developed this strange fluorescent green liquid for use within the Ebon races. This particular drug seems to work best when used with personal enhancement abilities through the manipulation of the body, causing it to perform well beyond its’ natural means. This has or can have a painful effect on the subject Ebon, as without proper medical checks and through misuse of Pineal Stim, the Ebon can become subject to a decrease in abilities and power (flux), things that Ebons hold dearer than anything. Physically, Pineal Stim has little side effects although in extreme cases it has been known to
cause brain haemorrhaging.
(Effects: Duration of Enhance-abilities is doubled. Addiction: Difficulty 8/2 Doses. 2 Doses every 24 hours. Detox: -1 Resolve, -2 Flux, Permanent -1 to Enhance.)

Rush was the first mass produced combat drug sold to SLA Industries’ employees and operatives to improve combat effectiveness. Like all drugs manufactured by the Pharmacology department, Rush has a 100% success rate. The increase in blood flow and the large amounts of adrenaline in the blood do tend to have adverse effects on the body but nothing major. Rush has a very good mix of healing agents present in the drug, to aid the user in recovery from wounds. It also, to some extent, helps keep the wear and tear on the bodies internal organs to a minimum while under the influence of the drug, although this does not completely arrest the damaging effects of Rush. The average Rush addict has a greatly increased chance of heart disease, strokes and
brain damage. Life expectancy of these unfortunate individuals is approximately seven years.
(Effects: +1 die when splitting actions, no negative effects from injuries, , -1 soak to bashing damage, 6h duration. Addiction: Difficulty 8/4 Doses. 4 Doses every 24 hours. Detox: -1 Strength, -1 Stamina, Permanent -1 Health.)

Ultra Violence:
“Gotta’ kill em’. Gotta’... Uhhhh… K...k...kill. Fuck. FUCK!
Come on you fuckers, I’ll rip you to pieces!!!”

Zack McTavish, Frother Operative, SCL 8.1, squad ‘Ruffled Feathers
Ultra violence was created as the next generation of combat drugs to take over from Rush. U.V. did this superbly but at a very high cost. Ultra Violence contained nearly identical compounds to Rush but in a much more concentrated form. It also contains powerful hallucinogenics which give the user a feeling of near indestructibility, which is almost achieved as the user is virtually
unstoppable, but with these greatly enhanced abilities comes a terrible cost. Ultra Violence burns out the user’s body reducing the average Ultra Violence freak’s life span to two years. Such price is fame.
(Effects: +2 dice when splitting dice pools, no negatives from injuries, soak -1 difficulty, 12h duration. Addiction: Difficulty 8/1 Dose. 2 Doses every 24 hours. Detox: -2 Strength, -2 Stamina, Psychosis.)

Warning: Shatter is a very dangerous pharmaceutical. It is produced in sporadic amounts by DarkNight and force fed to members of the public and DarkNight operatives. The nature of the drug consists of a very powerful stimulant that acts in a similar way to Ultra Violence. The chemical make-up of the drug is completely wrong, DarkNight were trying to copy SLA, which has given rise to Shatter having a mutant strain of DNA alteration codes laced through it. This can and does alter the victim’s body. If any operative is found using or in illegal possession of this drug, they are executed without trial.
(Effects: +2 Strength, +1 Dexterity, +2 Willpower, Soak -2 difficulty, 4h duration. Addiction: Difficulty 9/1 Dose. 4 Doses every 24 hours and for each combat unless already under the influence. Detox: Permanent -1 Strength, -1 Dexterity, -1 Composure, -2 Health, Psychosis.)
100uni, only available through black market.

“It’s like being me, but better. I can’t get enough of this shit.”
Unnamed DarkNight Agent
Another violently dangerous drug that has recently hit the streets carrying the Stirg Pharmaceuticals tag and being distributed by DarkNight to the civilian masses. Unlike Shatter, Trapper is dirt cheap, costing just a few unis per dose and while it does not claim to turn the user into the rampaging killing machine that its predecessor does, it does provide a disturbingly balanced increase to the user’s physical, mental and social attributes, while also being one of the most addictive drugs ever made. Reports of users claiming they felt ‘super human’ have become commonplace in the deeper regions of Downtown, leading to demand rising steeply. The reception to Trapper is believed to be closely linked to the significant rise in DarkNight sightings throughout Downtown over the last 6 months and the volume of the drug on the street has become a real cause for concern.
(Effects: +1 to all attributes, 1h duration. Addiction: Difficulty 10/1 Dose. 1 Dose every 3 hours. Detox: Permanent -1 to all Attributes, -2 Health, Psychosis, Paranoia.)
20uni, only available through black market.

Soft Drugs:
Wetware for Operatives 5JiXqOD

Powerful hallucinogenic which places the subject in a surreal fantasy world of their own imagination. The recorded effects of this drug have been wide and varied. It would appear to have set effects on certain individuals. Those that have a registered psychosis or phobia would appear to be trapped for hours in what they would claim to be their personal illusory hell. Those of a more stable disposition have reported idyllic flights of fantasy lasting for the same period of time as the other test subject's nightmares.
(Effects: For subjects that suffer either psychosis or phobias, a hellish nightmare, for others, a fantasy trip, 12h duration. Addiction: Difficulty 8/1 Dose or no threat for addiction if suffering from psychosis or phobia. Dose every 24 hours. Detox: -1 Composure, -1 Resolve.)

Beat is the most popular recreational drug used for the sole purpose of relaxation. The effects of the drug differ from subject to subject but in the main are mood related. If the subject is relaxed, happy and so forth, they are likely to slip into a comatose-like state for hours but if they are uptight or angry or even just in a bad mood about something, they are likely to become hyperactive, aggressive and in some cases, psychotic, but this is rare. Whatever light it is looked in. Beat is a very dangerously addictive ‘pleasure’ drug.
(Effects: +1 Composure, 6h duration. Addiction: Difficulty 8/2 Dose. 1 Dose every 24 hours. Detox: -1 Resolve, Permanent -1 Composure.)

Charmer is a recreational party drug, widely spread amongst both Corporates and Civilians. The source of the drug is at the present unknown. The drug causes a heightening of the senses and a noticeable increase to social confidence, with a subtle side effect known as ‘Charmer Sickness’, whereby the user detects sweet scents in otherwise dank and mouldy substances, pushing them to drink or lick sewage water and other equally awful substances. The increase in reaction time that Charmer brings has seen it used as a cheap alternative to Rush by combat Operations.
(Effects: +1 Wits, +1 Presence, 3h duration. Addiction: Difficulty 8/4 Doses. Dose every 12 hours. Detox: -1 Willpower, -1 Strength, Paranoia.)

Drum induces complete calm on the user. It also gradually slips them into a complete catatonic state. When consciousness has returned, in about two to four hours, the subject will feel as though they had just had a full night of restful sleep. During this trance all they hear is the beat of their own heart and all they see are calming colours. Ebons use Drum quite often as the rest induced whilst on Drum is truly relaxing. So much so that in some cases of addiction the subject has never truly woken up and always looks and acts as if they have just got out of bed.
(Effects: For Ebons, regain full Flux in 3h instead of 6h, for everyone else +1 Resolve for 2h after waking up. Addiction: Difficulty 8/15 Doses. Dose every 24 hours. Detox: -1 Resolve.)

Designed as an anti-depressant, Flip gives a feeling of calm and composure which is unrivaled by any other pharmaceutical of its type on the market today. Even the mighty pleasure drug Beat cannot match the blissfulness experienced when under the influence of Flip.
(Effects: +2 Composure, +1 Resolve, 3h duration. Addiction: Difficulty 8/20 Dose. Dose every 24 hours. Detox: -2 Willpower.)

Lumo is a powerful pigmentation solution that alters the coloration of the user's skin to the chosen colour. There is a wide palette (1774 to be exact) to choose from, including bright primaries, light pastels and various shades in between. Lumo is always very popular at parties and when out clubbing -contests between users are common to see who can come up with the best mix of colours. Colour variations are easily achieved by mixing together different types of the drug. Lumo is taken by injection.
(Effects: Changes skin colour, 12h duration. Addiction: Difficulty 8/30 Doses. Dose every 24 hours. Detox: Skin permanently the used colour.)

NiteLite boosts the reception on the rods in the back of your eye and forces the pupil to dilate, effectively giving the user electronics-free night vision.
(Effects: Night vision, but exposure to bright light blinds and stuns the user for several rounds, 10min duration. Addiction: Difficulty 7/25 Doses. Dose every 24 hours. Detox: Permanent -1 Composure.)

Personal Interest:
Personal Interest is a very powerful hallucinogenic used to induce the sensation of sexual intercourse. This in itself at first does not seem such a ‘bad’ drug but it has come to the notice of the Soul Institute of Pharmacology that the quite intense bombardment of the senses when under the influence of Personal Interest has led to a large increase in the addiction figures for pleasure drugs. The effects of detoxification on any subject has been a general loss of calm and composure. Also, a lack of concentration which can only be put down to the powerful hallucinogenic effects on the reasoning of the brain.
(Effects: 1h duration. Addiction: Difficulty 8/4 Dose. 1 Dose every 24 hours. Detox: -1 Composure, Permanent -1 Resolve.)

This fizzy white liquid is on sale in a few Operative bars on Mort. It has all the "fun" effects of alcohol without the hangovers and vomiting that are normally associated with being drunk. It comes in 500ml cans and tastes like very sweet apple pie. A rather intoxicating brew, two cans should have anybody flat on their back.
(Effects: Extreme inebriation, 6h duration. Addiction: Difficulty 8/20 Doses. 2 cans every 24 hours. Detox: -1 Dexterity.)

“I got depressed, so started taking Uplift, felt better, so stopped taking it, then I felt awful. Now I have to take a double dose.
I’m feeling good again now, so I think I can stop soon.”

Joe Craddock, Human Operative, SCL 7.4b
Uplift is an antidepressant which counters the effects of depression. Users report a dulling of senses and issues with concentration with prolonged use. Depression returns quickly and more intensely than experienced before if Uplift use is halted. The drug is often misused by those needing an up, or who want to forget their woes.
(Effects: +1 Willpower, +1 Composure, 24h duration. Addiction: Difficulty 8/1 Dose. Dose every 24 hours. Detox: -2 Willpower, Depression.)

Medical Drugs:
Wetware for Operatives GY0wpWJ

Chain has been developed as an antidote to the tissue rejection which sometimes occurs with the LAD process. The properties of Chain are simple; it reduces the chances of tissue rejection and stabilises the mind, making it easier for the subject to deal with the trauma inherently involved in the resurrection process. The only problem being that the nature of the drug leads to the need for constant intake on the daily basis, or suffer the extremely rapid withdrawal symptoms.
(Effects: For subjects resurrected by LAD, stops tissue rejection and controls mental state for 24 hours, for others +1 Composure, +1 Resolve, 3h duration. Addiction: Automatic. Dose every 24 hours. Detox: LAD -2 Strength, -1 Dexterity, -1 Intelligence, -1 Resolve; Other -1 Intelligence, -1 Resolve.)

Karma Kick Starter:
The development labs of Nuke Tendon came up with their own version of Kick Start due to the increasing number of clients that wanted something that was designed specially to aid them and their biogenetic implants. Karma KS is the answer to that demand. The properties of the drug are almost identical to that of standard Kick Start, but with a few added compounds to help the healing abilities of biogenetic flesh and bone. Karma KS acts as normal Kick Start when taken, with no detrimental effects to those without implants, but those with Nuke Tendon implants will receive added benefits from it. This includes Stormers whose entire genetic make-up is Nuke Tendon (Phantom Pregnancy gen labs) based.
(Effects: Heals 1 level of Health (2 levels for Nuke Tendon) next round, stops bleeding. Addiction: Difficulty 8/25 Doses. 2 Doses every 24 hours. Detox: -1 Stamina, Permanent -1 Health.)

The latest from Karma's laboratories, one that is sure to make a significant splash in the Operative market. MetaBoost hyper-activates the subject's metabolism and natural healing capacity to similar levels as those of a Stormer.
(Effects: Stormer Regeneration, 10min duration. Addiction: Difficulty 8/2 Doses. 10 Doses every 24 hours. Detox: -1 Strength, -1 Stamina, permanent -2 Health.)

Mind Numb:
Mind Numb was originally developed to acclimate infantry to the immediate shock of being introduced to War Worlds. Since its original release, it has found a home in the kit of many Operatives who have spent any length of time in the job, helping them to push through the most dire of circumstances. From being isolated in the subterranean levels below Lower Downtown, to spending any time facing the denizens of Cannibal Sector 1, Mind Numb has proven time and time again that it pulls Operatives through the darkness, keeping them focused on what really matters - surviving. It works by blocking the body's physical reactions to terrifying situations, but it does not stop the brain's capacity to handle such trauma, so even if the Operative might feel no direct effect of fear, they are likely to suffer traumatic relapses in the form of nightmares and potentially even prolonged psychological effects.
(Effects: "Immunity" to fear, 6h duration. Addiction: Difficulty 6/5 Doses. Dose every 6 hours. Detox: -3 Willpower, Phobia.)

Kick Start:
Initially developed by William Hannon (or ‘Soul’), Kick Start has changed little over the years, the aid given to the natural healing processes of the body are incredible to say the least. Kick Start can stop internal bleeding to some degree by use of powerful coagulating agents. It can also radically speed up the actual healing processes of the body such as the regrowing of tissue,
skin and the knitting together of broken bones. Kick Start is not noted for it’s addictive qualities but addiction sometimes occurs especially amongst combat operatives and employees. This addiction has been known to cause a slight wasting of the user’s body with a loss in strength, stamina and a general loss of physique.
(Effects: Heal 1 level of Health next round, stop bleeding. Addiction: Difficulty 8/30 Doses. 1 Dose every 12 hours. Detox: -1 Stamina, Permanent -1 Health.)

Pain Away:
The most powerful pain killer created. Pain Away works in a two-fold manner, firstly it blocks the nervous system to stem the flow of pain signals to the brain and secondly, it raises the user’s pain threshold to such a degree that pain in any shape or form becomes nothing but a minor irritant to the user. This feeling of indestructibility has led to a few untimely deaths. An interesting point about addicts of Pain Away is the craving for pain when not able to feel it which has led to quite a few users turning to what can only be described as masochistic tendencies.
(Effects: No negative effects from injuries, 6h duration. Addiction: Difficulty 8/3 Dose. 1 Dose every 6 hours. Detox: -2 Stamina, -1 Composure, Permanent, extreme phobia of pain.)

Flush is a development from the pharmacology department to combat drug addicts’ pain and suffering whilst relieving their bodies of their previous addiction. Flush augments natural compounds and substances within the body to fight off and burn out any ill effects of the previous drug which the subject was taking. This can be a long process- to rid the body of impurities takes around 30 days. Each day, a fresh dose of Flush must be taken and if the addicted drug is taken during the 30 day period, it must be started again from beginning. In some rare instances. Flush itself has become addictive but these incidents are few and far between.
(Effects: Prevents the Detox-effects of other drugs, 24h duration. Addiction: Difficulty 8/30 Dose. 1 Dose every 24 hours. Detox: Permanent -1 Stamina.)

Streak was developed by the department of Psychology and Psychoses to try and cure various types of insanity and psychosis but as with most experiments, the end result had little or nothing to do with the initial concepts. What Streak became was a powerful mental stimulant, heightening the user’s senses and perception. The risk of brain damage and mental breakdown from misuse is great- a fact which has provided the department of Psychology and Psychoses with a steady stream of patients for quite some time.
(Effects: +2 Intelligence, +1 Resolve, 1h duration. Addiction: Difficulty 8/4 Dose. 1 Dose every 24 hours. Detox: Permanent -1 Intelligence.)

This is a very potent truth serum which has the subject completely open to suggestion. It is impossible for someone to lie whilst under the influence of this drug. Unless given in large and continual doses, it is almost impossible to become addicted to Honesty although cases have been recorded by the department of Extraction of some subjects becoming dependent on Honesty. The detoxification effects of the said subjects without the use of Flush left them in a vegetative state with no free will or action.
(Effects: 30m duration. Addiction: Difficulty 8/4 Dose. 1 Dose every 12 hours. Detox: Permanent -1 Resolve.)

White Noise:
Ebons that are ‘getting close’ suffer from the most horrendous nightmares causing great loss to their calm and collectiveness as well as destroying their sleep pattern. With White Noise, these ‘Dream Demons’ can be surpressed although not stopped. White Noise should be continued to be taken until the Ebon has turned. If not, the nightmares will return that night.
(Effects: Stops the "Dream demons". Addiction: Difficulty 8/5 Dose. 1 Dose every 24 hours. Detox: Nightmares will return.)

Civilian Medical Drugs:
Pro-cane, Analgesic, 20uni/50 Tablets
Pain Solver, Analgesic, 30uni/50 Tablets
Pre-solv, Steroids, 50uni/30 Tablets
Aprolap, Vitamins, 3uni/100 Tablets
Glowgood, Anti-depressant, 50uni/50 Tablets
Feelgood, Anti-depressant, 3uni/20 Cigarettes
Bio-block, Anaesthetic, 100uni/20 Vials
Hyponock, Stimulant, 30uni/40 Tablets

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Wetware for Operatives Empty Biogenetics

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Wetware for Operatives NPi68pA

Nuke Tendon:
"Good afternoon, Mr. Stone. Please have a seat."
"Now, according to our files, you have applied for a full set of Shock Tendons, is that correct?"
"Yeah, I need some more speed. I'm going off-world and I thought I'd buy myself an edge, y'know. I looked at your catalogue and made my mind up there and then. I had to get some of these implants. It's just what I need."
"Yes, quite. What I'm going to do now is talk you through the surgical procedure with the help of these photographs, so you can see what you are paying for. OK?"
"Yup, no problem."
"Now, first of all, the skin from these areas is removed. Here, here, here and here. Unfortunately, we cannot put your old skin back on. This is what your skin looks like when it has been removed from your body."
"The first area that we work upon is the back. I always start with the larger muscle groups. The trapezius, here, the large triangular muscle across the shoulder is sectioned, like so, to enable the implants to be inserted. Next is the rhomboideus minor and rhomboideus major. Any questions?"
"Is this done all over my body?"
"Oh! What's that?"
"A leg."
"A leg?"
"Yes. A leg. Look: Tibia, Extensor longus digitorum, Tibialis anticus, Annular ligament..."
"It's been stripped for implant."
"Now, this is the abdominal section before implantation."
"Oh my god. I think I've changed my mind. I don't really need Shock Tendons. I'll just buy some new armour, you know. Hey, how tough can Dante be?"
"Mr. Stone, you do realize that the average life expectancy on Dante is 28 hours?"
"They didn't tell you when you signed up?"
"Well, now you know. 28 hours. I don't think you have seen this photo -have you?"
"Who the hell is that?"
"Sour Blood, Dark Finder Contract Killer. Surely you've seen him on TeeVee?"
"Yeh, but I didn't think that he had..."
"Why, Mr Blood is one of our regular clients. In fact, he's due in for his next set of implants sometime today."
"God, this guy is hard as nails."
"Thanks to Nuke Tendon, Mr Stone. Shall we continue?"
"Well, OK."
"This is the finished back and shoulders. The Shock Tendons are the black areas."
"Black. Is that the only colour they come in?"
"Oh no, Mr. Stone. You can have them any colour you want. If we overlay a skin onto that, we normally match the implant to the original muscle colour."
"Great. What are the white areas?"
"Brace Tendons. This client opted for Shock and Brace at the same time, two birds with one stone."
"How much are the Brace?"
"1750c a set. If you take both, there is a 10% discount on the total cost. That saves you 375c."
"! think I would like to reconsider my position. Can I have another look at the catalogue please?"
"Feel free. Take as much time as you need."
"Right, I'll take both. Debit my account and where do I sign?"
"Here, Mr Stone, next to the 'Release from accidental death' section. Thank you. Now I will bid you good-day and I'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning on the operating table."

Recorder consultation, Nuke Tendon Division, Karma, 900SD.

Nuke Tendon was set up to deal with a growing public and, in this case, an operative demand. The need for faster, stronger operatives presented a problem to SLA Industries. With such an overwhelming demand for this type of employee, Karma could not produce enough Stormers to meet the increasing needs of the company. Something that was easier and faster than the creation of new Stormers was required. Nuke Tendon was set up to fill this obvious gap in what would become a very lucrative market. The initial test runs of the implants were successful and full production began soon after. The impact of releasing such products onto what was already a very well established market was phenomenal. Sales rocketed. In the first month, Nuke Tendon had made Karma an incredible 3.4 billion credit profit.

The only aspect of the, what was then, new technology that Karma had any worries about was the "dehumanization" of the operative who received the implants. This was expected, as a similar process involving cybernetics, a passing fashion on Mort, left the subjects with mild personality disorders that stemmed from the replacement of their own limbs with artificial counterparts. Karma braced itself for the barrage of operatives suffering from the various psychoses associated with replacement surgery. The onslaught never came and, out of all the operatives that had received implants, only a handful had any problems at all with the surgery, and most of these were of a physical nature, tissue rejection etc. It would seem that Karma had succeeded where cybernetics had failed, in augmenting the body without unhinging the mind.

Nuke Tendon Implants and enhancements:
Wetware for Operatives MkmGYtI
In the high-pressure World of Progress, that 'something extra' is always an advantage. Nuke Tendon can offer you just that. The advancements in biogenetic replacement surgery give you the opportunity to have more than you could possibly hope for; speed, strength, stamina. The things that count -the things that keep you alive. Nuke Tendon will push these to the limit and beyond. The myth of the super-being made flesh.
At Nuke Tendon, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. There is something for everyone at Nuke Tendon. From our range of implants, you can be assured that there is an enhancement for you at a price that you can afford (Credit terms available.).
We guarantee all of our products against tissue rejection, as all implants are grown from DNA samples taken from you.
Any individual that has a known allergy to raw biogenetic material applies for implant surgery at their own risk.

Shock Tendons:
Shock Tendons were initially designed by Dr. Fraser young some 840 years ago. Although the purpose of the Shock Tendon has not changed over the years, the design has. The design has been constantly updated to make sure that the model you receive is of the highest quality and the latest design. The full augmentation of the body is completely pain free process, being performed under full anaesthesia. The operation takes ten hours, after which you can expect to be back on your feet and fully functional within two days. The benefit of your new implants will be instantly recognisable to you. The first shock to you is bound to be the weight of the implants. The tendons replace an amount of tissue equal to that which has been removed, although it is the actual strength of the genetic material used that gives the increased potential in your reflexes. The next thing that will become apparent to you will be the marked increase in your agility and reflexes. The Shock Tendons will give you a greatly increased reaction time and movement speed when taken in conjunction with Sinewshock.
(Effect: Increases the racial stat maximum for Dexterity by one. This can be done up to three times. Recovery time 2 days, during recovery time the character is unable to take part in any physical activity. This gives the implants time to heal.)
2000c (including insurance)

Brace Tendons:
Developed alongside the Shock Tendon, the Brace is the quickest and easiest way of increasing your strength with minimum amount of hassle. The long hours spent in the gym working out to push your body to its limit, the pain involved, the steroids -Nuke Tendon have replaces all this with one painless operation, giving you the opportunity to take your body to new heights of physical fitness. The operation takes fourteen hours and follows all the procedures standard in any Nuke Tendon surgery. You can expect to be back on your feet within two days.
(Effect: Increases the racial stat maximum of Strength by one. This can be done up to three times. Recovery time 2 days, during recovery time the character is unable to take part in any physical activity. This gives the implants time to heal.)
1750c (including insurance)

If the idea of having biogenetic implants does not appeal to you, or a rare medical condition makes permanent implants an impossibility for you, then Sinewfication is the ideal way to increase your physique, strength and dexterity.

These small biogenetic implants are of a similar design to that of their permanent counterpart, in as much as where Shock Implants replace, Sinewshock augment. Sinewshock are 'muscle trainers' which actually exercise specific groups to gradually strengthen and tone the muscles up to the limit of the implant -at which time the implants break off and are absorbed by the body as proteins. This process does not require any form of additional exercise, as the muscle building is achieved through normal everyday movement such as walking.
(Effect: +1 Dexterity. This cannot exceed the racial maximum without Shock Tendons. The Sinewfication process takes 40 days or 10 days if used in conjunction with Shock Tendons. Recovery time 1 day, during recovery time the character is unable to take part in any physical activity. This gives the implants time to heal.)
900c per set

The Sinewbrace tendons are attached to all the major muscle groups of the body and act in a similar way to Sinewshock -by strengthening the muscle to the limit of the implant's abilities before being absorbed by the body. The Sinewbrace is ideal for those who value physical strength above everything else. The ability to be stronger than your enemies gives unmeasurable advantages in all manner of situations.
(Effect: +1 Strength. This cannot exceed the racial maximum without Brace Tendons. The Sinewfication process takes 60 days, or 15 if in conjunction of Brace Tendons. Recovery time 1 day, during recovery time the character is unable to take part in any physical activity. This gives the implants time to heal.)
800c per set

Karma Sharps (Skeletal Enhancement):
"I didn't know those fuckers had claws!"
"They don't."
"It's Karma stuff. They buy them. Now come on, let's get outside and out of the way of the Glyph Pillars so that you can heal those slashes."
"Sodding Frothers. Think they own the placer."
"Shut up."

Two Brainwasterts having a conversation after a slight incident on 'The Pit' dance floor with some members of a Frother Clan, Mort Central, 900SD

The processes behind skeletal enhancement are more time consuming than anything else. The enhancement is constructed by taking a bone graft from the subject, then growing sufficient amounts of bone from this sample to graft claws and similar onto the existing bones of the subject. This requires delicate surgery to allow the bone implants to protrude from the user's body -especially when they are receiving claw implants.

Skeletal Enhancement: Claws:
Claw implantation surgery is the most common form of skeletal enhancement purchased by Operatives. The claws are grafted onto, and replace some of, the bone of the last joint on the finger. The claws also replace the nails of the fingers. The graft is 40mm long from the base of the finger to the tip of the claw. The claw is razor sharp on the underside to allow for effective slashing in close combat situation.
(Effect: Enables Claw-attack. Recovery time 12 hours. During recovery time, a character is unable to take part in any physical activity involving their hands.)
100c per hand (5 claws)

Skeletal Enhancement: Teeth:

The grafting of large canines into the mouth is not as popular as other enhancements. The appearance of the implant is usually the main reason for purchase. The teeth replace the two upper canines in the mouth. The surgery is quite extensive, with the reconstruction of the upper and lower jaw and face needed to accommodate the implant. The teeth are surrounded by small muscle bundles which allow them to retract up inside the jaw for concealment. To bring the teeth out from the mouth cavity, a simple opening of the mouth fully will trigger the muscle and push the teeth out. The quicker the mouth is opened, the quicker the teeth will spring out. Closing the mouth will retract the teeth. The teeth, fully extended, are 30mm long.
(Effect: Enables Bite-attack. Recovery time 24 hours. During recovery time, a character is unable to speak or eat.)
125c per set (2 teeth)

Skeletal Enhancement: Elbow/Knee Implants:
These are the largest implants grafted to the skeleton. The enhancements are long curved pieces of bone grown to point with a sharp outer edge. The bone is 150mm long tip to base, The blades are constructed to allow them to rest against the upper arm or thigh depending on the type of implant. To use the elbow and knee implants, an understanding of Martial Arts of some type is preferable due to the specialised nature of the positioning of the enhancements. This is especially true of the elbow blades.
(Effect: Increases unarmed attacks damage +1 and adds PEN 4. Recovery time 12 hours. During recovery time, a character is unable to take part in any physical activity involving their arms or legs.)
150c per implant (1 knee or elbow)

Skeletal Enhancement: Retraction:

The Skeletal enhancements, with the exception of teeth, are all static implants. This does lead to some encumbrance and manipulation problems. The retraction process creates a slot inside the body for the muscle to connect to, which in turn connects to the bone implant. With small, controlled muscle movements, these pull the implant inside the slot and conceal it almost completely from view. The tip of the implant will always protrude. It takes 0.2 seconds to extend a retracted claw or blade and 0.4 seconds to retract it again.
(Effect: Must be done at the same time as the grafting of the enhancement that is desired to be retractable. If done afterwards, a new price must be paid again for the replacement implant.)
70c per implant if retraction is required.

Advanced Skeletal Enhancement: Quills:
This is the latest advancement in this area. The 'quills' can be grafted on to either forearm and lie backwards up the arm towards the elbow until activated -at which point the spring forward at a 70 degree angle to the forearm. The quills (120mm tip to base) are flexible and are razor sharp down the length of their outer edge. There are 40 quills implanted and attached to each arm. Due to the nature of the quills, they tend to fall out or become lodged in what they strike, but replacement is an easy task which can be performed by anybody with a basic medical knowledge.
(Effect: +1 Damage and +1 PEN for unarmed attacks. Recovery time 12 during which the character cannot take part in physical activity involving the arm. Medical skill is required to remove quills from victim.)
200c per arm (replacement quills cost 1c each)

Advanced Skeletal Enhancement: Shell Augmentation:
The stresses and strains placed on the body on a day-to-day basis cause cumulative damage to the skeleton and surrounding tissues. The process of Shell enhancement gives the skeleton, including the skull, a far superior toughness and strength to anything that occurs naturally. This is the most time-consuming form of surgery that can be performed, but obvious this is dependent on whether or not the buyer wants a full skeletal replacement or just a skull. One of the other advantages of the Shell Augmentation is that it allows for a greater number of implants to be fitted, as the new skeleton can carry a greatly increased stress load.
(Effect: Strength and Dexterity racial maximums may be exceeded by up to five points if full skeletal augmentation is grafted. Arm and leg augmentation allows for parrying unpowered close combat weapons without weapons. If both head and torso are augmented, add one level of Health. If full skeletal augmentation, all Soak difficulties -1. Recovery time 3 days for each implant. 5 days if all are done simultaneously. During recovery, all physical activity is impossible.)
Head 540c, Torso 1200c, Arms 300c, Legs 425c. Special price for the full skeletal augmentation is 1650c.

Replacement Limbs and Organs:

"Spore-Tech Hearts: Beating for you"
No need for costly DNA matching. At Spore-Tech, all our organs have destabilized DNA chains which modify after surgery to match your DNA code. This means no more waiting about hooked up to a clumsy life support machine. You'll be in and out of our theatre within six hours (depending on the number of replacements). Multiple replacements can take up to nine hours. Spore-Tech is a member of the Racial Equality Program.
Quad Valve 1000c (+1 Stamina)
Forever Young 900c (+1 Athletics)
Ignition 10 1050c (+1 Initiative)
Inclinations 1000c (+1 Stamina)
Devout Fury 1200c (+1 Stamina, +1 Athletics)
Respire 1250c (+1 Stamina, -1 difficulty to resist gases)
Infuser 1100c (+1 Stamina)
Atmogator 1300c (+1 Stamina, -1 difficulty to resist gases and low oxygen areas)
Filter-Max 750c (-1 difficulty to resist ingested poison)
Forever Young 800c (-2 difficulty to resist ingested poison)
Bio Filter 600c (-1 difficulty to resist ingested poison)

Hennson Organs:
"Hennson Organs: Originals."
With Hennson, you can be assured of top quality in all our hearts. All replacements are automatically given a lifetime guarantee, the best value DNA structures and the strongest muscle tissue. Make Hennson your first choice. DNA matching while-u-wait. Hennson Organs is a member of the Racial Equality Program.
Original 1250c
Multi-Pulse 1350c
Excaliber 1500c
Silver 1000c
Patch Match 1100c
King Maker 1000c
Griffin 1300c

"Clicker: Livers that can drink you under the table."
FACT: More people die from liver disorders than car crashes.
FACT: The producers of alcoholic beverages make stronger wines, beers and spirits without caring what the long term effects are on your body.
FACT: Clicker produce the strongest livers in the universe. Stronger than any alcohol.
FACT: You'd be stupid not to buy Clicker.
Clicker is a member of the Racial Equality Program.
One Name. One product. The only choice.
Series 1 750c
Series 2 800c
Series 3 900c
Series 4 1000c
Filter King 850c
Filter King II 950c

"Oyanas Optics: See the light."
The sole producer of fine genetic eyes for ten years, top quality DNA codes used in all our products. For perfect 20/20 vision or I.R. traceable optical enhancement or just something to please the eye. Oyanas is a member of the Racial Equality Program.
Engager 250c (Exceptional Vision)
Survivor 300c (Exceptional Vision)
Scrutinisor 500c (Exceptional Vision+1)
Butcher 350c (I.R. Vision)

"Do better with Di-San."
Replacement. Where to go? What to buy? Come to Di-San and have a look at our new showroom. We have everything you could possibly need, all under the one roof. Fill your assurance locker with Di-San. Di-San is a member of the Racial Equality Program. DNA sample required.
Claw 250c
Gripper 200c
4-Paw 200c
Bi-Tech 450c
Flex 400c
Frontier 300c
Sprinter 300c
Stretch 250c
Far Reach 200c
Frantic 300c
Sprinter 450c
Frantic 600c
Bi-Tech 650c
Gripper 500c

"Stop the rot, replace the lot with Cut'N'Tuck."
Unbeatable prices on all limbs and organs. Cut'N'Tuck is a member of the Racial Equality Program.

Driver Limbs'N'Ligaments:
"Driver Limbs'N'Ligaments: For the terminally short of cash."
For those who won't or can't pay for designer names, just pay for the product and not the label attached. Driver is not a member of the Racial Equality Program, and costs will vary from race to race. All prices shown are for Humans.

"Winners are with Royal."
Purveyors of the finest replacement limbs and organs, All our products are supplied with a full life time guarantee. Royal is a member of the Racial Equality Program.

"Creeper, the company that grows with you."
Sole producers of the finest quality skin in the World of Progress. No matter what race you are a member of, we have just the skin for you in any colour you please. Creeper is a member of the Racial Equality Program. Price is for full body.

Extra Limbs:
The frame of a bipedal body, be it human, Wraith Raider or Shaktar is not the ideal base for additional arms. With the extreme manipulation of the shoulder muscles and bone structure, the implantation of the extra appendages becomes easy, though controlling them is not. Like all brains, the bipedal's is designed to co-ordinate the motor actions for four limbs: two arms and two legs. Adding an additional set of arms with full sentient control handled by the bipedal puts a great deal of pressure on the mind. This is overcome by letting the original arms have primary signal coordination with the brain and the sibling pair secondary access to the motor action signals. This means that the implant arms will mimic, slightly, the original set unless a conscious thought is made to direct them otherwise.
1500c per limb


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